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About Us

Our Team

We are a happily married couple who love to photograph and/or video weddings. We are fortunate to do something that we truly love. We have over 20 years of experience and take pride in our ability to capture and tell the story of your wedding day through photos and cinematography. With a refreshing and distinctive style, we provide our clients with an engaging experience, one that also remains true to the reality of the day. We love what we do and are committed to excellence!

Zelle has an educational background in Film Production, Photography and Graphic Design. She has been involved in this kind of work all her life. Jerry, an accomplished wedding photographer/videographer, brings concepts, enthusiasm and humor to our team. He is always looking for new innovative ideas to take our photography and video to the next level.

Customer Service

Your wedding is special and we want you to be happy with the entire experience and absolutely satisfied with the final product. We take time to listen to your requests and find out what is important to you. We are available to quickly answer all your questions by phone or email before your special day.

Superior Equipment

We have three state of the art Canon DSLRs cameras that produce high quality wedding photos. Along with three fantastic cameras we have invested in eight great lenses to capture all the different moments of your special day. We use natural and artificial light. During the reception we will use up to 5 Canon 600EX-RT flash units to create dramatic lighting. We like to catch more of the candid moments and try to remain as discreet as possible

Thanks for stopping by, we’d love to hear from you! Use the form on the Contact Us page to share with us the details of your event.

Contact:  Jerry Dallons  805.320.0930  Email:  jerrydallons@yahoo.com

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