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Quality, Value Minded Wedding Photography & Videography

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I am uniquely different and have created a package that allows me  to provide quality wedding photography at a terrific price.      

I live in the heart of wedding country, the beautiful Central / Gold Coast and have worked most of the major venues. Myself plus a second shooter/assistant will work together to capture your big day. With over 250 weddings of experience I'm well prepared to handle any situation or request.   

For me it's about quality not quantity. I love to use my artistic skills and technical abilities to create beautiful pictures of the wedding couple. Yes Capturing all the important shots of the day will happen but for me it's all about the bride and groom, everything else is secondary.   

I'm going to give you a few tips of advise. Very seldom does a wedding day go on schedule especially if you have not hired a professional wedding coordinator. One of the many jobs a wedding coordinator handles is to keep things progressing on timely manner. Most weddings have a time frame for pictures of the bride and groom after all the family/wedding party shots are completed and just before the grand entrance. If the schedule does not stay on-time where do you make up the lost time? Historically the task is placed on the photographer to make up the time. Frequently this means the time allowed to make beautiful pictures of the wedding couple is abbreviated and many of the pictures you were hoping for do not get taken. I love when a couple designs their timeline allowing plenty of time to capture beautiful pictures of just the two of them and have hired/appointed a coordinator to keep things progressing on-time.

In today's world of quality cell phones many of the candid photos that come up during a wedding day can be nicely captured on a cell phone. However, no cell phone can reproduce what a high end camera/lens in the hands of a skilled wedding photographer can create. Another words there is no need for me to be taking pictures during much of the prep time or after sufficient candid photos of open dancing have been taken. Actually there comes a time when it is best for photographers and/or videographers to exit and let your guest let their hair down and just party the evening away.

A perfectly planned photo day, IMO, should start from the time you slip into your dress until the last major reception event takes place. First looks are nice and allow plenty of time for  traditional pictures to be completed prior to the ceremony. 

Large family group photos can be taken just after the ceremony along with any other group photos of the bridal party. Make sure to leave sufficient time for just the two of you along with myself and my assistant to create beautiful pictures.

So back to where I started, I shoot for quality not quantity. Hire me to do what I do best, capturing beautiful imagines and knowing how to use high end cameras/lenses to best accomplish that. Everything else can be done by a quality cell phone with a friend/family member who knows how to use it. Inmost cases this will save you considerable money. 

Take a good look at my  gallery. All are recent pictures giving you a good indication of the quality of my  work. 

Prices start at $2,495 ... contact me for an exact quote.

Contact Info:  Jerry Dallons 805.320.0930  Email: jerrydallons@yahoo.com

We also do wedding videos. View our video samples at our primary site:

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