Quality, Value Minded Wedding Photography

Quality, Value Minded Wedding Photography & Cinemagraphy

I am uniquely different ...      

I live in the heart of wedding country, the beautiful Central / Gold Coast and have worked most of the major venues. Myself plus an assistant will work together to capture your big day. With over 250 weddings of experience I'm well prepared to handle any situation or request.   

What makes me uniquely different is offering an affordable package for those that want a professional wedding photographer to capture their big day but need an affordable price. I do this by cutting a few corners such as holding the on-site time to eight hours and working with an assistant. I deliver jpeg photos with very little post processing, most pictures are just as they were out of the camera. I do a quick once over to eliminate major mistakes but deliver 90% of the pictures that were taken by me and/or my assistant.

I will then enhance ten of the pictures from the RAW data that you have identified, pictures that you feel you will print, frame and place on your wall or send to relatives. I keep the RAW data for three  months allowing time for you to make request for enhancements of other photographs after you have looked through the 100's of photos I delivered to you straight out of the camera. Maybe your fine with the pictures delivered as they were straight out of the camera along with the ten enhanced pictures or  your only looking for the best 100 pictures for your coffee table wedding book, why pay for hundred's of pictures to be enhanced when you may not use them.

For me it's about quality not quantity. I love to use my artistic skills and technical abilities to create beautiful pictures of the wedding couple. Yes Capturing all the important shots of the day will take place but for me it's first and foremost about the bride and groom, everything else is secondary.   

A perfectly planned photo day, IMO, should start from the time you slip into your dress until the last major reception event takes place plus a bit of open dancing. First looks are great  and allow plenty of time for many of the traditional pictures to be completed prior to the ceremony. First looks create another opportunity/time for beautiful pictures to be taken of the wedding couple.

Large family group photos can be taken just after the ceremony along with other group photos of the bridal party. If a first look is not incorporated make sure to leave sufficient time for just the two of you along with myself and my assistant to create stunning romantic pictures.

So back to where I started, I shoot for quality not quantity. Hire me to do what I do best, capturing beautiful imagines composed correctly and knowing how to use high end cameras/lenses to best accomplish that. 

All pictures are placed on  a password protected gallery which is accessible for one year. From the gallery you can download in full resolution to take to your favorite print shop or share on-line. You can also share the link and password with friends and relatives who can download the pictures they like.  Remember I keep the RAW data for 90 days in case you request enhancements to some of the pictures. I place no copyright or watermark on the pictures.

Take a good look at my WEDDING PORTFOLIO.  All are recent pictures and yes some enhancements have been completed but it gives you a good indication of the quality of my  work. 

Price: $1,295 

If you want a total of 100 pictures enhanced from the Raw data along with all the photos delivered straight out of the camera the price would be $1,545

Individual photo enhancing: $4 each

Contact Info:  Jerry Dallons 805.320.0930  Email: jerrydallons@yahoo.com

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